Catalonia Today


10% of those at risk of skin cancer have disease

The Barcelona Association of Pharmacists yesterday presented the results of a study that found 10% of those identified as being at risk of skin cancer by pharmacists actually had the disease. Some 400...

Mossos chief defends operation

Martinez asserts that “group of radicals” tried to enter Parliament and police took action to stop them


May proposes withdrawing EU citizens’ privileges after Brexit

Theresa May yesterday launched her migration plan after Brexit, which will prioritise highly qualified immigrants without take into account their origin and involves withdrawing the privileges of European...


Two exhibitions honour the vote

The Delegation of the Generalitat in the European Union was the venue for the opening of the Octubre 1 exhibition, which includes a collection of photographs and front pages from Catalan, Spanish and international...

Nobel prize

Nobel for fathers of immunological treatments

James P. Allison of MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and Tasuku Honjo of Kyoto University in Japan have won the Nobel Prize for medicine for advances in harnessing the immune system to fight cancer....


Tsunami warning system failed in Celebes

Questions have arisen over why warning systems appeared to have failed after a 7.5 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Indonesia on Friday. The death toll from the quake and subsequent tsunami has reached...

The mandate of the people

Commemoration of the 1-0 at Sant Julià de Ramis and the gathering reminds Quim Torra that “the people command and the government obeys”

French legend Charles Aznavour dies at 94

Each art has its own style that caters to different tastes. Few are able to attract wide audiences and music is the same. Every style and every performer has an audience. Charles Aznavour, who died yesterday,...

The day we were invincible

For psychologists, sociologists and philosophers, October 1 was key to consolidating ties and strengthening national consciousness; peaceful resistance and solidarity has empowered people