Catalonia Today

Younger girls speaking up

A total of 741 minors have reported gender violence to police up until October this year; feminist collectives want changes in courts and schools


Myanmar and Bangladesh agree on repatriation

The authorities of Myanmar and Bangladesh yesterday signed an initial agreement that opens the way for the repatriation of 622,000 Rohingya refugees who escaped from their homes in Rakhine State, Myanmar...


Facebook to alert users of Russian propaganda

Facebook announced yesterday that it will identify to user those pages known to be part of Russian propaganda campaigns which they have “liked” responding to a demand from the US Congress to address...


Fiscal amnesty beneficiaries to be named

A majority in Spain’s parliament yesterday urged the executive to amend the General Taxation Law and publish the identity of individuals or companies which benefit from a fiscal amnesty or a special...


Explosion at sea could be submarine

An abnormal sound detected in the South Atlantic ocean around the time that an Argentine navy submarine sent its last signal last week as “consistent with an explosion,” a navy spokesman said yesterday....


CaixaBank doubles its trade in Morocco

CaixaBank has doubled the volume of its business in Morocco in a year with the support Spanish companies in sectors such as food, construction, logistics and distribution, with a market share of 51% in...

Comuns wants JxCat and ERC to be “clear”

After meeting with some of the promoters of the “Call to political parties and groups in Catalonia” campaign, the candidate of Catalonia Sí que es Pot for 21-D, Xavier Domenech has called for separatists...

Case to Supreme Court

Judge Lamela in favour of Supreme Court unifying the cases involving the sovereignty “organisation” in one summary while Public Prosecutor objects


World outraged by migrant slave trade

A video aired by CNN which demonstrates how young Africans in their attempt to migrate to Europe are sold at auction in Libya as slaves or are beaten or kidnapped in exchange for ransom has generated a...